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Tomorrow, I will be at the BSFA/SFF AGM event at Conway Hall:
1000 Doors open
1025-1030 Welcome (by BSFA)
1030-1120 Panel - "Story, Review or Criticism - Select Which to Download" - Roz Kaveney, Gary Hall and Tony Keen, with Simon Bradshaw as moderator
1130-1220 Guest - Juliet McKenna
1230-1300 SFF AGM
1300-1400 Break
1400-1430 BSFA AGM
1440-1530 Guest - Stephen Baxter
1540-1630 Guest - Bruce Sterling
1630-1640 Wrap-up (by SFF)
As you can see, the actual AGMs are confined to a short period either side of lunch, and the rest of the time is given over to panels and guests (Bruce Sterling!) and such. All welcome, so why not come along?
I'll see what time I get to sleep tonight and how I feel after a week with a bad cold (and still coming to work for four days of it) and may come along ... but probably not.
Remember to record Sterling!

Liz, remember to make sure Niall records it properly!
Didn't you manage to put you the mic in the wrong socket (yes, hello Su) at Eastercon or something?
Yes. Repeatedly. It was more the fact that you were assigning someone to check up on me. :p
I am sure we[1] had a previous conversation where Liz emerged as the Chosen One. Chosen to stop you cocking it up.

[1] By "we", I mean me and some indeterminate number of participants who are not me. Could have been you. Could have been Liz. May very well have been Susanne's soft toy collection or maybe Mr Wiggles, my new pet in WoW. It's very hard to say at this precise moment.
I thought I was chosen to mock Niall unceasingly after he fails to record yet another interview due to incompetence. I'm not sure I like this revised description of my role.
I aim to be there, and eagerly anticipate knowing nobody and feeling lost.

Do you know if it's possible to join the SFF on the day? It would save me a stamp and the effort of handwriting a letter.
Yes, it's possible to join the SFF on the day. Well, I don't know that for sure, but it has been every other time they've done an event like this, and I have no reason to suppose this time will be any different.

And assuming you look like your icon, I'll try to find you to say hi. :)
Well, I don't have the mohawk any more, and may be wearing glasses, but I could carry the record around with me. :)

Hope to see you there!
I completely failed to spot you! Sorry about that - hope you enjoyed the day anyway.
Not to worry. It turned out that two people from my Orbiter were there, so I chatted with them. For the record, I would've been the skinny, tired-looking bloke with the beanie and hoodie (I dressed up for the occasion and everything).

It was a good day - loved Juliet McKenna and Bruce Sterling's talks. I found Stephen Baxter's quite dull at points, but with some really interesting ideas mixed in. I was also highly amused that the three of us from the Orbiter were all there scribbling notes, which no-one else seemed to do... heh.
An Orbiter person! We (where 'we' = 'the bit of the bsfa committee that lives in London and see each other regularly') sometimes wonder if you're mythical. It was good to get confirmation at the AGM that you're not. :)
Well, I've no idea about the postal Orbiters (seemed far too expensive a prospect to me), but I've been with the online Orbiter(s) on and off for about two years now. :)
It doesn't look like I'm gonna make it after all, things being what they are. Which is a shame because I was really looking forward to it :(
I'm all tied up in ZZ9 Committee business in Leicestershire.
Bugger. Completely forgot about this due to last night's gig and then only checked LJ just now. Bugger.

Well, hope it went well and that you didn't squee too much over Baxter. Ahem.