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Your show had a ranting Trig.

That is all.
Dear Neill Harris:

you are an insane wronghead beyond all hope of redemption.

That is all.
I think you have a problem with your brain being missing.
whazza Trig?
Maths thingy, isn't it? All about triangles.
Thizza Trig.
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I did keep expecting him to call Pete Tyler "Dave", I must admit... ;-)
I appeared and I didn't even know about it??
I have to admit when he said Trig you were the first person that came to mind *g*
Yes. The Doctor was terrified of you.
Just a thought ... does anyone else wonder about the fact that Paul Cornell and Rob Shearman were not asked back to write for series 2 (and Moffatt only got a single episode)?

I don't know about the pedigree of Macrae and the other new writers, and Paul et al still seem close to the current team (they've not hinted at problems during their con appearances and they were at the series 2 premiere). And hopefully they will write for series 3. But it still seems odd to drop people who've written some of the best episodes. I can't help feeling that Paul and Rob have a better understanding of what needs to be done than some of their replacements ...
I'm sure I heard that Paul Cornell would be a producer on the show in Season 3.
Paul Cornell has been comissioned to write a two-parter for season three. There's a mention of it on his blog.
I can't believe it... I actually _agree_ with you about this episode of Dr. Who!!!

2 episodes - pointless! Broken Tardis? Well, if they do something with that in part 2, maybe not pointless.
The Roseangst - well, it would be out of character for her not to try to talk to her mom and dad... she is curious about what they would be like together, and okay, she isn't around in this universe, but the idea that this otherwise idealistic vision of her parents (being together) might be threatened by them splitting up, she is bound to want to interfere a bit, so I'll let that pass.

Missed a bit though, due to ill-timed phone calls, so i'm prepared to have got the wrong end of the stick.

Still enjoying it though.

Is it just me or has this series become just a host of bad jokes:
'Oh My God I'm a chav!'
Rose as a dog