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Today, I bought a washer-dryer. Tomorrow, I'll be buying plates and pots and pans. This prospect possibly excites me more than it should. :-)

Also, I have discovered a love for the works of Van Morrison, so much so that I went and bought multiple CDs this afternoon. See? Sending me mix tapes has concrete effects on my spending patterns.

I've managed to avoid the worst of Pottermania, I think. The bookshop opened at 6am, and by all accounts it was a fairly exhausting experience. Probably not helped by the fact that they were all in fancy dress.

I want to write a review of The Light Ages (short version: It's ace), but (as this post probably demonstrates) I'm having some trouble thinking coherently.
I have discovered a love for the works of Van Morrison

I find this more disturbing than the concept of RATM!Niall, to be honest.
Don't be knockin' Van the Man.