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OK, so you go through the front door into the hall. In front of you is the kitchen, and on your right is the bedroom (with adjoining bathroom). Turn around, go back the way you came and on the other side of the front door is the living room; note the deeply funky window seat.

Yeah, the fisheye does make it all look a little creepy. But you get to see more than with standard photos.
Very nice - if a bit uniformly yellow for my taste.....

How does it feel to be a homeowner?
You noticed that the bedroom - which is, y'know, half of the flat - is red and white, right? And anyway, I happen to like yellow. :-p

As for the homeowner...Feels pretty good. Although I'm sure there's all sorts of things I should be doing that I'm not. There should be a list somewhere.
Ahh - maybe it is the picture. It looked yellow and red to me. Not that yellow is a problem per sey - it just seemed to be all a bit YELLOW iyswim.....

We've used a pale yellow through all the open plan areas of our house (annex study white, kitchen a sort of dark pink, study beige, bedroom orange, attic blue, bathroom white) - I guess we need to touch it up soon, it was two years ago now!
...is there sushi in that fridge... plus, where is all your light coming from? Those windows look awfully small...
Waitrose or John Lewis?

John Lewis and Debenhams for accessories. Sainsbury's for food.

is there sushi in that fridge

Currently, there's nothing in that fridge.

plus, where is all your light coming from? Those windows look awfully small...

They are small, but the place has never seemed dark to me. I'm not sure how that works.

Very cute little place, even if the fisheye gives it a bit of a 'Fear and Loathing' feeling to it. I also worry that if the fisheye were in fact reality, you were actually living in an extradimensional flat, with weird higher-budget Tardis-styled FX. Whatever happens, no Jimmi Hendrix, right? ;-p

So will you have access to a basement or attic for additional storage, or is that it for your space?

BTW, you may not like the red, but the overall colours, with the wood, is v. nice.

Now play 'Love Shack' by B-52s, and you'll have the right party spirit for that place. :-)


Hey, I do like the red. I just like the yellow as well. Mostly, I like the fact that I like it all enough that I don't have to do any decorating. :)

What you see is pretty much It for storage space. I want to get a shelf that runs around the top of the two non-sloping sides of the living room, however.
Well, having dealt with sloping sides myself ...

If it comes to it, there's always the solution I used in my house (which I think you saw)...the sloped built-in cabinets...

Not that I expect there to be much of a Chinese-UK connection for such products...

Well, since that's it for storage, I expect you'll have a wall devoted to just CDs, and your window will become your audio table. Where are you setting up your computer? Are you going to try to preserve as much floorspace as you can? Consider 'going low' with minimal chairs, etc.

Personally, I'd really like to get one of those exercise balls to sit on in the office, they'd be perfect, if a bit bouncy.

Deeply funky it may be, but I doubt you can fit into the window seat :P
Au contraire - it's the perfect size for curling up with a good book. :-D
Despite it all looking a bit sci-fi through the fisheye, doesn't look too bad. I like the windowseat. Just the right size and shape to curl up with a book or some music, and look out from the window onto the night sky, even if it's only street lights you can see. Looks quite relaxing. :)
Having been around the flat i can confirm it is infact very very nice and the yellow gives it a very nice light airy feel and it does indeed seem very light!
Apologies for the crazy fish eye but at least it gets it all in. Some better pics i believe are winging their way over today...
Looks very nice, but that camera takes very disturbing photos! When do you move in?
The majority of my stuff is already there - about the only thing left to go over is the bed, and that's going on saturday afternoon.
airy and warm in summer and f*cking freezing in winter.

Ignore me, I'm just jealous ;P
It looks great.

Best of luck with everything.