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This morning was spent attempting to mandle my one-piece 6'9" by 3'9" bed up the narrow staircase to my flat. We failed. It doesn't go; I'll have to buy a new bed.

However, the mattress did go up, so as of tonight I'll be sleeping at the flat. The upside of this is that I'll be sleeping in my flat, the downside is that there's no internet connection there, and probably won't be for a while. Which isn't a problem during the week, but at weekends could be annoying.

I might pop home to borrow the parental connection now and then. But if my posts become more sporadic, you'll know why.

Top made-up word of the day.
one-piece 6'9" by 3'9" bed

One-piece? Did you have it hewn out of a redwood tree or something then? :-)
I suspect the culprit's name is 'glue'. IOW, bed designer == ++idiot.
well, that, or idiot-designed metal frame. But most all beds I've played around with are disassemblable.

Second best made-up word of the day... :-)
According to Niall, the bed is not dissassembleable. My suggestions of a saw and then some nails were not well received.
Tsk. Silly boy. He got a TOOL BOX, didn't he? He should USE it. Although...nails? properly countersunk screws, though...