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The contestants for the new series of Castaway, including:

Alister, 24, from Leeds describes himself as an unpublished science fiction writer. Influences include Buffy, Angel and 24.

The self-confessed couch potato lists his friends to be his TV, his computer and his hi-fi.

Previous jobs include a chef and hotel night porter.

He says: "I feel it important to show those 'big-boned' young people out there that feel bullied and persecuted that there's a place in society for them."
OK, one comment: "lists his friends to be"?
They're going to have polar bears and mysterious bunkers, right?
Oh, thank god it wasn't just me whose brain went in that direction.
Okay, so you're going to have to take one for the team and assassinate this poor loser. I suggest having his "friends" turn on him.
>OK, one comment: "lists his friends to be"?

Maybe he hasn't quite befriended them yet?
It's things like this, and such shows as Beauty and the Geek seem to as much play with the stereotype as to reinforce it.* Making fun of one's past D&D gaming was funny the first 10 times I heard it, now, I find it has shifted from a shared joke, to a dividing line (again).

*Besides the pre-feminist notion of female value.
Maybe "friends to be" is like "this is Mark, my husband to be" and as someone else said, they aren't his friends yet (in fact they can barely tolerate him!)

There's a Tom Holt novel where the heroine is raised by household appliances ... something I just read a few months ago and based on Ali Baba and the 40 thieves ...

so yes, it's Lost written by Tom Holt!
There's a Paul di Filippo story where the hero's girlfriend is seduced by his household appliances.
Man, if i had a dollar for every time i'd come home to find Liz fucking the hoover.

Actually, i'm a bit dubious about the involvement of the hoover in the stupefied sweatiness. There is definitely a role for suction in the operation of a lady's manual controls, but not that much suction. That sounds more like a Casualty plotline.

-- tom
I like the fact that he's going on TV to show that fat people DO have a place in society... by being a Castaway on an island somewhere :-/ also "big boned", do people still use that turn of phrase?

-- Jonathan M
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