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scalpel_mag, for all your sf reviewing and criticism needs.
First issue includes:
If you want to contribute, guidelines are here.
On the one hand, hey, good for them. It's always good to see more reviews and more reviewing-friendly magazines, especially ones with such lofty ambitions.

On the other hand, get back to me when their published reviews meet their guidelines (especially the "no one but you could have written this review" one) and they have enough of a business plan in place to be able to pay people.
On the other hand, get back to me when their published reviews meet their guidelines (especially the "no one but you could have written this review" one)

That's a very fair criticism, and I take your point. We're working toward it.

and they have enough of a business plan in place to be able to pay people.

We could only hope. If you know of a business plan model that could make that happen, please share. To date, it's all out-of-pocket for Jonathan and me, and my guess is that, say, Amazon links ain't going to net us enough to pay our contributors more than a few cents each, for instance. Considering we've still got a dozen pieces in the pipeline that will be going up over the course of the next couple days, and that we plan to keep that speed up for the duration, at even $50 per review we're looking at a cost of $850 per (roughly) "issue". Not chump change for Jonathan and me to shell out.

--gabe chouinard
Well, that's all very nice (and the review of Gradisil nails everything I don't really like about it and why it's an interesting book nonetheless), but it's not really doing anything that different from Strange Horizons that I can tell.
Any comparisons to Strange Horizon are flattering I think. Scalpel's my first turn as an editor and I'll happily admit that I've learned a lot from my experiences with Niall. If I do as good a job as he does then I'll be a happy man.

We do have a few things a bit different in the pipeline though, but you'll have to wait to see those ;-)

Jonathan M - Scalpel Magazine.

Does the review read as if it could have been written by anyone but you? If so, this is not a review for Scalpel Magazine.

Going to steal all the Caps Lock keys in the world. BE RIGHT BACK.
Hey, aren't you going to write me 8,000 words for Foundation in caps?
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You have to search the rest. Appx. 25,000 charecters.

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