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Noodling around on Amazon, I stumble upon the paperback of Lydia Millet's Oh Pure and Radiant Heart. It does not say "nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award" on the cover; instead, the uncredited "synopsis" concludes:
"Oh Pure and Radiant Heart" is no more a SF novel than "The Time-Traveller's Wife". Instead, it is a powerful and original fiction of responsibility and guilt, today's America, and the peculiar terrors of our nuclear world.

However, customers who bought this item also bought Gradisil, Nova Swing, and Hav (and the paperback for the latter carries an Ursula le Guin blurb, which suggests they're not ignoring the sf market, at least). Ha.
Ignore my nonsensical commitude ... there is no one behind this curtain.
Dammit! I was about to reply to that. :-)
>"Oh Pure and Radiant Heart" is no more a SF novel than "The Time-Traveller's Wife".

So...it's an SF novel, then?
Heh, quite. It did occur to me that the writer might be trying to be extremely clever and subtle, nudge-nudge wink-wink, rather than just irritating, but if so I think they missed.
the time traveller's wife is romance novel, thank you very much.
Can I go slightly on record as saying right now that if I were a publisher looking at our sales figures right now I'd want to class anything as Sci-Fi (or crime, or romance or any genre) rather than general or literary fiction.

Because the latter two are not growing areas in sales...
Can I go slightly on record

How very accomplished of you.
While it's clearly ludicrous to argue that Oh Pure and Radiant Heart isn't SF, I think that, much like The Time Traveler's Wife and Never Let Me Go and just about every other work of outsider SF, it isn't successful as a genre work.

Unlike TTTW and NLMG, however, it is freaking awesome.
Except that, of course, NLMG is indeed freaking awesome :-)
I suspect that every single person reading this disagrees strongly with at least one of the value-judgements Abigail made in her comment ...
Can I go with freaking noisome, instead? I hated OP&RH with a passion that burns hotter than a really hot thing.
There is now a customer review which highlights the ACCA shortlisting.
Wasn't this in Ansible two months ago? Slow, Harrison, slow.
You're just bitter than he made the poll before you did.
That poll didn't even exist when I wrote this!