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Just got a phone call: They've finished making my bed, and when would I like it delivered? So it's going to turn up on thursday at about 4pm. Which is good timing, because on thursday I should also be getting a table from one of my colleagues, so I'll finally have a fully furnished flat (except for the fact that I need a bigger TV).

And that'll all be just in time for everyone to come over to dinner before we go to see The Hulk.

This evening, I may go to see Intacto. I haven't decided yet. I may attempt to buy a large duvet and some sheets, instead.
No-one's made MY bed since I was about 12 :-)
They've finished making my bed

...and now you must lie in it!

(Sorry ;) )
Watch Intacto instead. :-)

It's not an either or thing. :P

Every review I have seen of Hulk in the papers makes me want to see it more. Because I have unfavourable reviews by people I HATE.
reviews by people I HATE


You're in the papers now? SHeeeit. I knew you were Christopher Tookey all along.
but I'm not 100% sure, because fresh clean new bedding is one of the truly great joys of life.

Flip a coin.

Yeas, that would be appropriate.
Went for Intacto (which was good, but not the story I'd have told given that premise), since I need to investigate giant-size bedding for my giant-size bed. Should have thought of that earlier. Oops.