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Every time I read the concept for Jennifer Government it makes me grin. Jon Courtenay Grimwood's review is as good an example as any:
As $2,500 trainers go, the new Nike Mercurys are so cool they're to die for - literally. Hack Nike is a lowly merchandising executive until the water cooler on his floor breaks down and he nips over to marketing. There Hack runs into marketing gurus John Nike and John Nike. Before Hack knows it he's landed himself the job of shooting 10 Nike-wearing teenagers, which the two Johns have decided is just what the new trainer needs to give it street cred. Appalled, Hack goes straight to the police, who assume he's trying to subcontract the killings and accept the job. Only the police are busy, so they subcontract the hits to the National Rifle Association...

I'm waiting on snowking to let me know if the book itself is worth reading. In the meantime, what I didn't realise was that it was linked to NationStates, which for a time featured the proud ousfg nation state. Viral marketing strikes again.
Hmm, yeah. Book looks interesting, and film version even more so. I'm encouraged mostly by the fact that it's being produced by Section Eight, the production company run by Soderbergh and Clooney. They've done Good Stuff so far.

And since I want to see the film, I'll probably try to read the book first. (I prefer to do it that way round, so that I get two sets of images: one from my own imagination, one from the film. If I see the film and then read the book the film's images get projected onto what I'm reading.)
I have a proof copy of Jennifer Government which I keep meaning to get round to reading, so thanks for reminding me. If I manage to ever again read anything that isn't a livejournal entry, that is.
Christy reading SF?

Yes, I'm hoping for rockets and chemicals.
Any chance of its resurrection?
I can probably remember the settings and dig up the national flag. It died because the government went into a terminal state of apathy. Do we really want to undo that brave lack of decision?
Fabulous! Still, it is too useful a tool to let grow utterly rusty. I'd happily take up role of caretaker until another non-decision is delivered from the standing OUSFG leadership. :-)

Right, right, I'll get that done...