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You would think that if you ordered a seven-foot long bed that comes in two pieces, those pieces would be 3'6" long each. You would think that, wouldn't you? I thought that. Heck, even the bed company that sold it to me thought that.

Turns out what actually happens is that they make one four-foot segment and one three-foot segment. Maneouvering the larger segment up the stairs and into my flat was...challenging. But it went in eventually, even if we did have to take my front door off its hinges in the process. And now I have a wonderful, large (technically a double), comfortable bed to sleep on. Although it is a little too long for my sheets.

Meanwhile, I also have a rather nice wooden table sitting in the back of my car. Three foot square, with extendable bits and four chairs. I think, finally, that I'm almost there in terms of furnishings. It's a shame that it's a day late, what with Nick, Roxanne, Leo and Louise coming over for dinner last night but hey, definitely better late than never. Particularly since my colleague is actually giving it to me - a big thankyou for that.

This weekend, I will be in a field in the middle of Oxfordshire with tinyjo, oxfordhacker, squigglyruth, truecatachresis, cleanskies and others. Should be fun.
Come to Truck, too!