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As of 9am this morning, I've had a livejournal for exactly one year,
although it won't be a year since my first post until about 5:30..

It's been a hell of a year.

In the past twelve months I have left Oxford, worked in a bookshop, persuaded Chris Rea to sign a truck book, met up with applez in the States, fallen in and out of love (or something), crashed my car, bought a new car, gone on hiatus and been reborn. I've started a medical writing job, been to my first proper SF con, been to my first literary festival, met various people for the first time, been immortalised in a webcomic, asked Margaret Atwood about SF, bought a flat, and had one of the best birthdays I can remember. I've read some excellent books, seen some great television and one or two interesting films, and I've been able to share (or force) my thoughts onto the wider world. I've made new friends and better friends, and I've had people to turn to when things were bad. In the past 365 days, I've made 374 livejournal entries and received 2,798 comments. Thanks to everyone who's been reading: It wouldn't have been the same without you.

At my birthday meal, when I suggested that one of my friends should get herself a livejournal she said "I prefer to live my life, rather than write about it." It was meant largely in jest, and taken as such, but if I had to offer a response my response would be this:

I prefer to do both.

There's just one problem.

I'm one year out of university, and I've got a flat, a car, and a job.

What do I do next?
Get the girl.....

For those without access to the text emails I get when someone posts, there was a [gdrvvvvf] at the bottom there. But I think someone's reading comprehension needs work, anyway...

(Oh, and CDs turned up this morning. Cheers!)
<Tyler's Dad>Get married</Tyler's Dad>

I dunno. Fancy being a supervillain? I'll do my best to defeat you.
Oh come on, let's team up and destroy Sunnydale Cleveland..
What a year! What memories - I had forgotten just how loquacious I am.

re: what next - well, finding a suitable female companion would probably be advisable. I tend to find that a very worthwhile endevour, even if it's often mated to long long loooong spans of suffering. :-)

Let's see...should we match you up to an equally tall woman so you can produce a nation of giants rampaging the Earth? Or should we find you a lovely midget woman so you can shock all around you with your sideshow ways? Nah, you just need someone patient enough with your idiosyncracies, of good heart, of sharp wit, and good looks.

Glückliche Jagd!

(according to questionable translation engines...hmmm)

Otherwise, I earnestly suggest you take on a new challenge to keep you growing - be it another degree, a new hobby, or to get serious about writing...maybe to lead to publication? Iirc, that is one of your sometime ambitions, no?


finding a suitable female companion would probably be advisable

Why don't you just come right out and say 'get laid', Zac? :-p

Believe it or not, I've actually considered signing on to something like Match.com. Contrary to what Radiohead might have you believe, meeting people is Hard.

Otherwise, I earnestly suggest you take on a new challenge to keep you growing -

I hardly think the world needs me to be taller. :-)

a new hobby,

I'm considering learning how to cook. At the moment, my repertoire just about extends to frying some meat, maybe with a few herbs, and serving with rice/pasta/noodles (delete as appropriate) and a sauce. I can't even make the sauces. So learning to cook might be a thing.

or to get serious about writing...maybe to lead to publication? Iirc, that is one of your sometime ambitions, no?

That's the other thing I was thinking of working on. But that requires making actual free time. :)
What do I do next?

Perhaps you'll find a nice girl?
Go travelling?
Get published?
Go travelling?

I'm definitely considering that 'grand tour of the UK' idea, although maybe as a series of weekends rather than one long block. There's too much of my home country that I haven't seen. Friends, romans, countrymen, lend me your floors...
What do I do next?

Little baby Nialls!

\me ducks

I knew you were going to post that! And I'm impressed that unlike everyone else, you don't even think I need a woman first... ;-)
Live your life. Do what you want to do. Enjoy it.
Noooo! Must have goals! Aims! Ambitions!
What do I do next?

"Do one thing that scares you every day". Learn to ride a motorbike. :->
Learn another language. Or several. That's something I keep meaning to do, and should probably act on, before I lose all the free time I have.
About languages though - I should warn you about German, as I'm discovering, German shares many similiarities with English, but the grammar is completely mad.

Unlike English, which has blanket rules and countless exceptions that only a long-time or native speaker has a chance of obeying consistently...

German has countless specific rules, of which all are obeyed, but the relevants ones are within the realm of only long-time or native speakers to consistently identify. :-)

Now, back to my Lonely Planet phrasebook to Hochdeutsche...

sidebar: the Lonely Planet pharsebooks are really neat, well-organised, and I think quite useful. The thing is, the section on sex and relationships (and drugs) are so explicit that it makes me rather wonder whether Lonely Planet is trying to make the place a little less lonely. ;-)

Procreate I guess. I don't know you /that/ well but somehow it would seem to me awfully apt if this involved cloning in some way.

Of course that always opens up the oppurtunity for Hoggy to be Arnie to your Tony Goldwyn...
What do I do next?

Just as long as you do something then it doesn't really matter, now does it?
What do I do next?

With Agent Smith cloning action! :-p

A problem? What to do next?

I reckon stop worrying and be happy.. As you say, you have a job, a flat (and a car) - what's wrong with just getting on with that for the moment and seeing what comes along? (And please don't create an evil Niall-spawn!). Learn to be happy with life at the moment (when that is happy-making) rather than searching for the thing that will make your life 'complete'

See, I do occasionally read LJ - a caffeine overdose helps! Hope you're enjoying the book.

Aligning sequences on my laptop while watching Star Trek: Generations on the tivo on a Friday night - how sad am I?
reckon stop worrying and be happy.

Hi, my name's Niall, have we met? I don't do relaxed and happy. :-)

Hope you're enjoying the book.

Finished it. It was fantastic - thankyou.

Star Trek: Generations

Ah, I like Generations. No idea why, but I really do.
I'm one year out of university, and I've got a flat, a car, and a job.

What do I do next?

I'm amazed no-one else has gone with the obvious paraphrased Buffy quote:

"Get a boat. No, wait, I - I don't mean a boat. I mean a puppy. Or a child. I have a list somewhere".