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(Since I'm sure you're all dying to know...)

The winner of the 2008 Arthur C Clarke Award is Black Man by Richard Morgan. So you should all go and read it.

I have some photos from the party and ceremony up here.
Once again, as I suppose I should have expected, the Clarke Award has done the unexpected. Black Man is a good book, but it's fundamentally a thriller and from previous years' records I'd have thought it too low-brow to win.

Maybe The Execution Channel would have been a more viable competitor if it had an ending.
What am I doing with my hands in that photo?
Warming them on the heat from Ian's crotch. Or so it seems.
Good man. James B asked me to tell you that the cheque is in the post.

-- tom
A good follow-up to the Rwanda Genocide book I'm reading now. If I come out of this two-book concoction mental disturbed - I blame you. ;-p
(Deleted comment)
That's a picture of Lord Vader! :-p
(Deleted comment)
Let's just say that of the women at this event she wasn't the one catching my eye. Except when she was standing outside in the rain shivering, and that was sympathy more than anything else.
But the Grauniad did use one of my photos. Though there are better and funnier ones out there.