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"The cafeteria menus in the three House office buildings changed the name of 'french fries' to 'freedom fries', in a culinary rebuke of France stemming from anger over the country's refusal to support the US position on Iraq."

Say whatnow?

I'd write something about how utterly crazy this is, except that thebratqueen has already done so.
i beat you by half an hour, but i didn't say as much as thebratqueen - but hey, at least i didn't use any buffy-isms! i should get points for that.
Ah, c'mon. Anyone who can be this sarcastic can't be all bad...
i didn't say it was all bad.
merely wryly commented on over-usage of buffy-esque language, which is always a crime.
How about turning “French kissing” into “freedom kissing” – you’ve got a catchy slogan in that one – introducing freedom kissing: c’mon boys and girls, do it for the liberation of your nation! ;)
I quite like the idea, but that would force Republicans to make a hard choice between risking pregnancies they'd *have* to 'save' ... or cull the population when mononucleosus (sp?) is mistaken for a bio-terror attack. ;-)

Haha - cute, very cute!
...with not only the cyclical period of US madness on the world stage, but that the staid East Coast has in fact become even more bonkers than the alleged mad West Coast. It seems I live in the part of the country of reason and light. ;-) (oh, and aerosolised urine too it seems ... http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/gate/a/2003/03/11/fountain.DTL )

Quite a bit of boycott activity is apparently underway, and more than a little rabid French rubbishing, beyond the norm.

In California, however, where it supplies most of its own culinary needs, French wines are often more affordable than Californian ones ... and would be more popular but for the still less-expensive Chilean and Spanish imports. :-)

It's just all so ridiculously wacky.

Was watching a (well made) documentary on the Iraq campaign last night, and the sound bytes of people on the street (who seriously believe Iraq can harm the US directly. With nuclear strikes and biochem attacks. Pfffft.) just scared me.
Yes, well, Americans have a congential inability to assess risk it seems.

3,000-odd people killed in a terrorist plane strike, and we bollox the world economy to bomb anyone who seems a convenient excuse.

Nevermind the 11,000-odd Americans *Americans* kill every year with firearms ...

or the 40,000 who die in car accidents every year, upwards of 80% due to drink driving/drunk driving.

Reasonable expenditure of priority resources?

...it's renamed again, to 'Victory' brand products, in this, our empire of Oceanus (iirc). :-)

Doubleplusgood comrade!

There are periods of history where the visions of madmen and dope fiends are a better guide to reality than the common sense interpretations of data available to the so-called normal mind. This is one such period, if you haven't already worked it out.
- The Eye In The Pyramid, Shea and Wilson