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It's going to be called Ink:
Books are to get a new platform for media coverage with the launch of a glossy monthly magazine. Ink, to be launched in November, will be the only mainstream magazine dedicated to books. It will carry author interviews, features and about 100 reviews each month, aiming to cover all genres with a mass market focus.

Neat. More money for me to spend on magazines!
How's that more money for you to spend on magazines?
Because I'll have to buy it, see. Because of my magazine addiction. So I'll be spending more money on magazines. :)
Ah, that's how you meant it. I thought it was somehow going to save you money, so you'd have more money for magazines. confusing.
What would I do without you around to point out my grammatical fumbles, eh? :)
I don't know. My English is just too flawless for words. If that's possible, what with it being a language and therefore in need of words. Hmmm...
Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever noticed that the only group more willing to put out publications about itself and its members than the general writer community is the journalistic community. (I was at the local used bookstore and suddenly struck dumb by the sheer number of books by journalists and journalistic hangers-on about journalism being dumped into the remainder bins, and I just had to wonder "Are these people really that narcissistic bordering on onanistic that they think the general public really cares about how things run behind the scenes at CNN?"
Sure, my family had it's share of mags in the 80s, but it just came to the point where we didn't have the time for them anymore. It was either the mags, or the books ... the books had to win.

Granted, TV had something to with the time compression...

In any event, the mags I enjoy I can just grab articles from online. I suppose I should be more literary in my sci-fi habits. hmmmm...

any of those mags online, do you know?