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I finally got around to seeing The Usual Suspects last night. I'd never been told the ending, but was worried I'd managed to work it out by inference. Fortunately, that turned out not to be the case.

More impressively, the twist was good enough that even though I knew there was a twist coming I (a) didn't spot it and (b) was still really impressed by it.

I do have one question, though.

As I understand it, Kaiser Soze set up the attack on the ship so that he could kill the one man who could identify him. He had to come out of hiding and kill him personally because he had to be sure the guy was dead.

The end of the film is Kaiser Soze disappearing into obscurity forevermore, having gotten away with it. But - at the end of the film, someone else has found out his identity. So how is disappearing this time going to work, when it wasn't a valid solution first time around?
Well, possibly it isn't, but he doesn't know that he didn't manage to kill the first guy or that Kujan figured it out.

Also, from his point of view, he probably has less to fear from law enforcement than he does from rival gangs.
Kaiser Soze will return to clip all loose ends. Kujan will have to watch his back indefinitely.


Incidentally, you can watch the unofficial 'sequel' to Usual Suspects by watching many of the same actors with similar roles and the real Devil in End of Days. Clearly someone was having too much fun with that crap Schwarzenegger film.