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Thanks to some very valuable support from the Arts Council of England, we’re going to launch a new digest-sized, quarterly fiction magazine around springtime.

The magazine’s working title is 'Postscripts' and it will feature around 60,000 words of fiction (SF, Fantasy, Horror and Crime/Suspense), plus a guest editorial, book reviews and occasional non fiction.

New short fiction outlets are always exciting, but they're particularly so when backed by a critically acclaimed and financially stable publisher, even if 'only' a small press house. I'll be looking out for this, I think.
And Interzone's bumped up the quality over the past couple of issues, too. Now, if we can just get Spectrum revived...
Not without a hefty cash injection, I think.
Hey, a guy can dream. If PS can get arts council funding...
And they have. Which it makes it unlikely the Arts Council will fund ANOTHER one. Especially one that's not based in England :P

I keep clicking on 'link' rather than 'reply' in your LJ
You're crushing my dreams again.

And yes, I've grown tired of this style as well. Look for it to change over the weekend. I'd do it from work, but the menus don't seem to work in this crappy browser.