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As it happens, I did in fact end up seeing the Mad Capsule Markets play The Zodiac. The only time I've seen the crowd more energised was when The Music played, but given the levels of insanity that gig reached, failing to match it is hardly an embarrasment. The three of us - Naomi, Gary and myself - came out bruised and deafened, but satisfied. Digi techno metal punk terrorists isn't too far wrong as a description; the exception was the obligatory 'sounds like the single' track where they attempted to reinvent themselves as the Strokes. But with a thrash metal interlude.

The frontman was great value for money, though. Between songs, he'd pull out a battered piece of paper, and carefully read out something amusing in slightly broken english. I'm about 90% certain he was putting it on for show. :-)

We stayed afterwards for Transformation, but to be honest it was a little anticlimactic. The club was half-empty, and the DJ had a somewhat...broad...interpretation of the description 'indie rock alternatives'. He also insisted on playing tracks that were just too damn long. I like 'Loaded' as much as the next indie kid, but it's essentially just seven minutes of the same riff, repeating. You can get away with long tracks as long as they change, I think; that's why 'I Am The Resurrection' is so good. Otherwise, you just start thinking "hang on - I've danced to this part already."

Then, it was back to Naomi's. Her parents were away, so we took over the ranch. There's a wonderful map of where she lives that's relatively easy to Google up; I'd post a link, but that might be a bit intrusive. Take it from me, though: This place really is a proper, sprawling log cabin in the middle of nowhere. It's fantastic.

(Although, there are rather a lot of chores to be done. Hens to lock up, pigs to feed, and so on. Factor in the lack of a broadband internet connection, and I think I'd rather know people who live there than live there myself.)

Anyway, Sunday - Gary's birthday - was a lazy day consisting of cooked breakfast (at 2pm), lazing around in the sun, listening to obscure music, and walking around the woods. It was good. I was, however, rather tired, so I'm sorry to the truckstoppers for not making the Oscar party, and I'm sorry to RSFG for not making the meeting, but I need rest. I shall be having a Quiet Week this week, I think.
But I was out of town. I put the suggestion through to a few mates, but from the sound of it you might not have noticed if they were there.
I did suddenly think on saturday that I should have asked around to see if anyone else wanted to go, but by that point it was a bit late. I was this close to calling Tom and haranguing him into coming to Transformation, as well...