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Next Monday, it's my turn to go and see Eddie Izzard. I've lost track of who else is going. People I know are definitely going:

coalescent (plus three without livejournals)
gagravarr (plus one or two without livejournals)

Anyone else? I'm sure there were more people involved in the ticket frenzy earlier this year.

I think we should try to arrange some kind of after-show get together. Anyone know any good haunts near Wembley?

(I was considering suggesting something during the day as well, but since I'll probably be driving to the gig I think it would create too many transport hassles.)
Tim's coming too. I need to arrange to meet with Sab, Geneva and possibly Tim so I can give them tickets.
Short fella. UST. Ring any bells?
Tim! Tim's coming to London?

The bush on the left. He swapped with Mattia because he couldn't make teh Brum date.

I told you this.
I think you need to do a Fanboys in drag to commemorate the event.....
You did, but I'd forgotten. Woohoo!

People with Digicams: you must do more RL Fanboys. I command it. Y'know, for the various settings.
I'll be there too, but with different people.

If I see you - and you're hard to miss - I'll wave.