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Orange-flavoured After Eights (pictured) are Bad and Wrong. Discuss.

Highly wrong.
But.. still tempting.

I still think the best combinations with mint are ginger and beyond.

And I love ginger. Love it lots and lots. Just, y'know, not with mint.
I thought they would be bad and wrong but they're actually yummy and lovely!
No ther're not they're fabulous! (Especially speaking as a lifelong mint-hater!)
They tast like those Fry's Orange Creams!
Are they just orangey? Or minty AND orangey?

Either way, I demand you buy me some for testing purposes.
Just orangey. Mint is the Spawn of the Devil..
Very, very, very wrong.

Orange only works in Terry's Chocolate Orange and elsewhere? Faux-delight.
Repeat after and me: Orange and chocolate is never good. Despite what immortalradical may try to tell you.
Never had it. Couldn't tell.
tasty tasty tasty little beasts, yer orange after eights. i want some now.

That screencap is from 'Orpheus', right?
I have to say I really don't like chocolate orange flaovured things. Give me the original chocolate and mint any day. :-)
Woah. SimilarMinds didn't lie.
Sick, disgusting and wrong. My mum bought a box last month. I finally tried one the other night and couldn't finish it. Give me proper old minty After Eights any day.
Can you send the rest to me then, please? Ta.
Minty After Eights > Orange After Eights >>> No chocolate at all
All chocolate is wrong in January.

I'll LYK wot I think February 1st.
I got some for Christmas and I thought they were bloody gorgeous.
I've never tried them, but now I must. I don't see how they can be bad or wrong.
You are wrong. They are Good and Right and Proper.
Orange After Eights are lovely and delicious, food for the gods. You are wrong. wrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrongwrong

But, to show that I still like you despite the wrongness, you can send me all your Orange After Eights, and I'll dispose of them for you.