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It's Panic, Jim, but not as we know it:
Panic was formed in early 2003 by Dom, Gaz & Max. Tired and disillusioned with what most "indie" clubs had to offer, we came to the conclusion that the only way forward would be to establish an unique club which offered an eclectic mix of indie, punk, rock n roll and electro.

Times & Location
• Every Tuesday Night
• 10pm - 3am
• The Office, London, W1

Actually, it sounds quite a lot like Panic as we know it, except that it's based in London rather than in Oxford. Maybe it was even inspired by Panic as we know it. Panic as a franchise!

OK, probably not.

More importantly, however, I can't help noticing that it's a tuesday night event. And I can't help noticing that today is a tuesday. And I can't help noticing that this evening I'll be in London (albeit a different bit) watching His Dark Materials. And I can't help thinking that if I could only work out how to get home afterwards, I could go and check it out...

Via (ages and ages ago) twic.
The last train is quite late, isn't it?

*National Rail Check*

I would imagine the club runs until 0200 at least.

However, if you left early, you could get the train; The Office is near Tottenham Court Road tube, from where it's one stop (or a short walk) to Oxford Circus, from where it's five stops on the Bakerloo.

Alternatively, you could crash at mine and be late for work.

I appreciate that you are unlikely to get this comment before leaving work. Oh well.

-- Tom