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His Dark Materials I = fairly awesome. But based on the cast list for part II they have cut out Mary Malone. NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS.
Did you not know this? It has been faily weel publisced. I've being trying to figure out how they can have The Amber Spyglass without, like, The Amber Spyglass.

Maybe they just cut straight to the shagging.......
Did you not know this?

No, I've been avoiding most of the publicity. :-/
Serafina Pekala whips out an amber spyglass to convince the witches to help Lyra and not immediately run off to war.

At which point I figured out Mary wasn't in it. Niall remained in denial until we showed him the cast list and then fumed and hulked out.
Like, duh??? the Dark matter!!! It's not in part 2??
Well, I don't know exactly how it's going to work, since I don't see part 2 until february 11th.

Part 1 ends with Will claiming the knife. There's no Mary Malone up to that point, there's no Mary Malone (or wheeled aliens) in the cast list for part 2, and the witches are helpfully brandishing their very own amber spyglass.

I think they must have done it for technical reasons. I don't see why they would cut it for time, since to me it looks like they'd have enough room to fit it in. And it annoys me because I think HDM is going to be significantly weaker without the bit that ties it in to our science. Plus, I like Mary Malone.

I'm also now worried about the films. Faith in Tom Stoppard. Faith in Tom Stoppard. Faith in Tom Stoppard. :-/
Damn, I'm with you. The dark matter/angels/experimental theology connections were one of my favourite, "oh my god!!" parts. Shit.

But you're right - no reason they couldn't do it on film - v v difficult on stage.

Who is directing the film?
Who is directing the film?

As far as I know, no announcement has been made yet. Sam Mendes has apparently expressed an interest, but I'd take that with a pinch or three of salt...