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There needs to be a qasar variant with first person shooter-equivalent guns. Shotguns! Uzis! There may be implementation challenges...
Quasar does have certain options available to it; I used to go to a regular Quasar "lock-in" style event, and we ran through all the available Quasar options (including the almost-certainly illegal "black out all the lights, including the emergency exits, and play a really fucking creepy Predator variant where the Predator has no pack lights on"). There are certainly options for auto-fire, triple shot, grenades, and bombs.

Grenade work by if you hit someone, their entire pack shoots out (all the receivers also act as sources) and any hits are accredited to you. Bombs work the same way from your own pack.

There were other gun options I think, but I can't remember what they were.
That sounds like exactly the sort of thing I was after. Should've known it had already been done somewhere. :)