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pretty :o)

what phone do you have?

A Sony-Ericsson T610. 'tis very nice. :-D
The first picture is very pretty! :-)
Yep, I was most happy with that one - it's currently the wallpaper on my phone. The light in the top-left is there because it's just dark enough for my window to start to reflect some things.
It reminds me what a good view of the Chilterns I had from the kitchen when I lived near Tilehurst. I'm happier where I am now in the middle of town, but I miss the horizon a little bit.

BTW I have the Firefly DVDs from peteyoung for you; let me know when you're coming to collect them.
I'll be there this evening! I meant to turn up last week but got hit by illness. So if you could bring them along tonight, that'd be great.

I actually live in the centre of town, it's just that I'm also on top of a hill, so the views are quite good. And last night was a particularly spectacular sunset.