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From sbisson:

First gig: Dodgy, in Oxford, in the back room of the Bullingdon Arms, October or November 2000. Yep, that recent. They were great, too, and I don't care what anyone says.

Last: The Mad Capsule Markets, last saturday!

Next: Hmm. Probably the Bluetones, although I haven't decided whether I'm going to see them in Oxford or Reading.

Best: Radiohead. South Park. Oxford. June or July 2001. Thom Yorke comes on alone for the final encore, sits at the keyboard, and starts to play the opening chords of 'Motion Picture Soundtrack'. The organ cuts out. He mumbles 'oh, bugger' into the microphone. The other band members come back on stage. They play 'Creep'. It's raining, but I don't care at all.

Worst: I don't think I've been to any truly sucky gigs. Morcheeba at V2000 were a disappointment, though, because they played all their terrible pop-y stuff, and very little of their fantastic chilled stuff.

Memorable: The Bluetones. Love them to bits every time I see them. For surreal value, the winner has to be seeing the Kings of Convenience play a short set in the cinema just before a screening of Requiem For A Dream (short review: harrowing. The film, that is, not the band).

Sadly missed: Assuming this means 'band that split up' in general rather than 'band that split up without my ever seeing them', I'm going to have to go for Ben Folds Five. I saw them play at the Royal Albert Hall on their last UK tour, and they were outstanding.

Best venue: Probably South Park.

Worst venue: Probably Oxford Brookes. It's a bit soulless - although that said, I've been to a couple of great gigs there.

Like to see: Doves. Elbow. Turin Brakes. Idlewild. REM.

Y'know, I always think I should be going to more gigs, but I didn't find this hard to answer at all. In fact, I had multiple possibilities for each category. Maybe I just feel inferior to brassyn.
a proper response, because i wanted to say that this made me laugh: "harrowing. The film, that is, not the band".

i'd slag you off for dodgy, but then you'll read my entry and realise that i have no grounds to do so given my answer :)