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Oh, poo:
Ryan Adams has returned to America and cancelled all his remaining UK tour dates after falling off the stage in Liverpool last week, dotmusic can confirm.

Adams broke his wrist on Thursday evening after plunging six feet off the stage at the Liverpool Royal Court venue.
I was due to go to the Birmingham gig with immortalradical, wg and danmilburn. Now I'm just hoping he heals.
i second that poo. silly sod needs to look where he's going ;-)
He does! At least the article says he's going to come back to make up the gig - although sod's law says it'll be a weekend when I'm busy. Like, the weekend of Eastercon, or something.

I hope I can get my days of holiday back. Shouldn't be a problem, but you never know.
if not, come over anyway and we shall geek about other stuff :-D
...is that he was behaving in an increasingly erratic fashion prior to this accident: he cancelled his 6Music live spot an hour before he was due to do it, played a 3 HOUR gig the same night and had to be forcibly dragged from the stage. Needless to say, something spectacular was one the cards...
The stage at the Royal Court is never six feet high...