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I'm collecting questions for the interview meme. If anyone else has any (or, indeed, wants any), say so here!
Why Not?
1. You have hot dogs listed as an interest. I approve. What makes a great hot dog?

2. Have you decided what you think about Mos Def as Ford Prefect?

3. Snow: Good or Bad?

4. Are there any trading cards that you wish did exist, but don't?

5. Who do you think will win the Democratic nomination? Do you think any of them have a serious chance of beating Bush?
1. If you had to choose between becoming a father or becoming a successful science fiction author (and you knew you could never be both) which would you go for?

2. You've sometimes mentioned that you wonder which of your friends are going to go on to do great things. Well, you're one of my friends who seems most likely to go places. So, imagine you're a huge success, famous even. What is it you're famous for?

3. You're a very sorted and capable person. Is there anything that you really can't cope with and makes you go completely to pieces? If so, what?

4. Have any embarrassing moments you'd like to share with us?

5. You're given a time machine that will allow you to go back into your own past. What one thing would you change about your life and why?
Some questions from your kind self would be lovely.
1. Browsing your interests reveals a number of what appear to be TLAs. What are afx, fpm and idm?

2. How do you and snowking know each other? I'm not clear.

3. Why does most of your writing go on your blog rather than on LJ?

4. Would you ever consider living elsewhere in the UK, and if so, where?

5. Breakfast, lunch or dinner?
Yes please.
1. The last time I went to Harrogate was in about 1998, and I noticed that there were proud notices about its status as floral town of Britain 1996 (or something). Have you ever won the title a second time?

2. So far, one of my question-generating strategies has been to browse peoples' interests lists. Your interest list has nothing unusual enough to warrant comment. Why is this?

3. New BBC fantasy alert! Sea of Souls is on BBC1 tonight at 9. Watch it, then tell me what you thought of it (alternatively, tell me why you didn't watch it). :-)

4. What three books do you love?

5. When are you going to update your website?
1. If you were to give one person an award for something, who would it be and for what?

2. If you could make a film from any book never produced as a film, what book would you pick?

3. What is the most valuable thing you've ever learned?

4. If you were to be recognised by posterity for one thing, what would you like to be known for?

5. And finally, if you could leave a time capsule the size of a microwave oven to be found centuries from now, what would you put inside it?

Did you know that malenfantfeatures in the latest issue of NTK? Your 15 characters of fame are right at the bottom...
Oh, go on then.
1. You have fantasy on your interests list but not science fiction. Yet you have Babylon 5! What's up with that? ;-)

2. Favourite gaming system?

3. In theory, I might meet you when you and Mattia are in London. What one thing should I know before that happens?

4. Is there an instrument you've always wanted to be able to play, but never learned?

5. What musical genre do you loathe and despise?