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The cohering of disparate parts

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Niall Harrison
27 June 1980
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  • coalescent@livejournal.com
Twenty-something science fiction fan, sometime editor (non-fiction) and would-be critic. There's a slightly more comprehensive bio on my website; my Amazon wishlist is here.

This is my personal journal, and largely friends-only. My public blog is here, and syndicated as torque_control (you can also watch tc_comments to track the comments). Other things potentially of interest:

- Reviews from Strange Horizons, syndicated as sh_reviews.
- The bigblogofcheese, a group blog of links to cool stuff.
- instant_fanzine, for news about and reviews of just about anything: printed words, moving pictures, and air molecules vibrating in a tuneful manner. There's also a book group.
- shortform is specifically for reviews and discussion of short fiction.
- My flickr account, syndicated as flickrlescent.

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